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Without doubt our industry has its share of dodgy installers, just like most industries.  To assist we have a range of questions any prospective client should ask their installer.  Insist on seeing the actual documents!

When comparing prices you will be faced with a varying gap. You need to be sure you are comparing apples with apples. In essence loose wool fibres have a constant thermal conductivity, therefore all providers should have up to date test results from an independent laboratory.

1. Ask to see the test results and make sure it is no older than 2 years. If you supplier/installer cannot present the test results do not trust them.
2. Ask to see the installation depths chart that corresponds with the test results.
3. Ask them about slumpage and how they are overcoming it. All insulation will slump over time and an extra amount of material should be installed to compensate for this.
4. Ask to see a certificate of authenticity.
5. Ask how the installer can guarantee that the correct depth of material and weight of material is installed as quoted for the respective R value requested.

Insulwool® has worked closely with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to develop an installation protocol that meets EECA requirements. Additionally, our product and installation protocol is the only Loosefill product that is approved for use in Housing New Zealand projects.

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