Insulwool® Ceiling Wool Insulation

With the cost of energy and electricity increasing every day, it has become essential to look at ways to save energy, in order to reduce costs and ensure there is sufficient  energy for everyone.

Ceiling insulation is particularly important, as this is an area from which heat is most prone to escape.  If your ceiling is not insulated you could lose up to 45% of your heating and cooling energy through your roof. And woollen insulation offers a natural and sustainable form of ceiling insulation.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach for ceiling insulation, Insulwool wool insulation offer a range of products designed to meet specific ceiling insulation needs.

•    Insulwool Blanket is designed for ceiling insulation, as well as walls and underfloor insulation,  in existing and new structures. It is a specially designed “panel” or “blanket” natural wool product made by combining specially recovered wools, which is machined into the final product, either as wool panels or rolled blanket form.

•    Another effective form of wool ceiling insulation is Insulwool Blown Wool. This is a totally 100% wool product specifically manufactured by us to provide a duvet effect across a ceiling. It is a restorer’s dream as our specially trained installers can blow in Insulwool material to achieve any requested thermal rating.

Insulwool Blown Wool is natural wool, lofted insulation, treated and processed to provide cost effective, efficient thermal insulation in existing and new home ceilings.

“Part of the ceiling had existing fiberglass batts but these had been water damaged and degraded so we were advised to top up the insulation with loose-fill wool – covering the rafters and existing batts. It has really helped make the home warmer and more energy efficient and wasn’t too expensive either,”