All our pricing is done on individual quotes based on an a one on one consultaion with clients. Every situation is different and one solution certainly does not fit all. All our agents are trained to ensure that we provide the best servicce, the best options and the best and value for money to our clients.

Insulwool Blown Wool prices start at $6.57/m2 installed based on the lowest R rating possible.

Insulwool Blanket prices start at $6.20/m2 plus delivery. 

Insulwool Insulfloor prices start at approximately $22.00/m2 fitted.

Insulwool Insulsound Prices start at $9.77/m3 plus delivery.

All prices are GST exclusive

While some wool insulation is more expensive than glass products on a $ for $ basis, it is very competitive when wools unique features are taken into account and with other forms of insulation.

By promoting the sound insulation, humidity control and the filtering of pollutants and toxins that come naturally and free when purchasing INSULWOOL®, plus the health and safety benefits of installing INSULWOOL® products, plus the facts of our test results, we believe informed builders and home renovators will chose our products for a healthy home environment.

Remember when you purchase Insulwool you get the following additional bonuses due to the uniquess of natural wool:

Sound insulation.

Natural wool is a very effective sound absorber. The density of the wool fibres provides natural acoustic absorbtion to make your house so much quieter. (An NRC of 0.85 was achieved in test T433, Acoustic Research Centre).

Humidity controller

Natural wool is unique in that it absorbs and desorbs moisture (moisture is not trapped or retained). This significantly influences peak humidity levels to reduce condensation and mould growth. This is a substantial advantage over inorganic or man-made fibre. (Test T342 showed only 8.4% by weight at 90% humidity.

Pollution and toxin filter.

Natural wool will filter, by absorbing and desorbing, atmospheric pollution that enters your environment, (usually through the roof) as well as formaldehyde and toxins from building materials. A huge benefit to you and your environment.

VALUE per $, the natural choice is Wool!