Insulation Against Sound

Noise can disrupt sleep and raise your stress levels.  As our lifestyle gets busier and busier, we definitely need peace, quiet and rest away from traffic noise, noisy plumbing and teenage kids all of which have an impact on noise levels within your home.

InsulSound™ acoustic insulation, made from natural wool fibes,  is not just a sound absorber that helps create privacy and a restful environment in the family home, it also adds to overall energy efficiency by providing excellent thermal insulation.

Insulwool sound insulation can help reduce external and internal noise, be it from noisy neighbours, loud traffic, thin interior walls or noisy plumbing!  It helps create peaceful zones by absorbing sound

InsulSound™ is a blanket material, specifically designed to provide soundproofing inside a home or office structure.  It is fire resistance and  low allergen.

InsulSound™ acoustic insulation has been tested at the Acoustic Research Centre of the University of Auckland to determine its Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). The standards followed were ISO 354 (1985) for method and ASTM C423-84a for determination.

A NRC of 0.85 was achieved.

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