Wall Insulation

Insulwool wool wall insulation helps you create a more pleasant year-round temperature –warm in winter and cool during summer –  with less electricity being used.

So once you’ve installed your Insulwool ceiling insulation and Insulwool underfloor insulation, checking out your wall insulation is the next effective step!

Wool wall insulation will reduce heat loss even further, which will reduce your energy bills.

Sometimes it can be difficult to install wall insulation in existing houses without taking the lining or cladding off so if you are renovating take the chance to include our wool insulation then

Insulwool Blanket is designed for walls as well as ceilings and underfloor insulation in existing and new structures.

It is a specially designed “panel” or “blanket” natural wool product made by combining specially recovered wools, which is machined into the final product, either as wool panels or rolled blanket form.

“Many thanks for prompt follow up. Always a good sign of a top business. We appreciate that and would recommend your product and business to anyone who asks what we have done insulation/renovation wise on our property. Many thanks”