Insulwool® Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is one of the first things to consider in existing houses to make them warmer as some  types of floors can result in up to 10% heat loss.  Floor insulation particularly in  houses with wooden floors, is critical as an energy saving device.

If you have just purchased or are considering purchasing a house, access your underfloor space to see if you have insulation – if you don’t give us a call.

Insulfloor underfloor woollen  insulation (Insulfloor™) not only makes houses warmer, healthier and more comfortable, but also acts as an excellent sound absorber while helping you keep energy costs down.

Insulfloor™  wool floor insulation is a combination of wool wrap and foil.  It is fitted underneath the house to provide total thermal protection from any cold air or dampness entering the home from the floor. As well as ensuring cost-effective underfloor insulation that retains heat in winter and cools in summer, it also improves acoustic performance.

Insulfloor™ is available in widths of 450mm or 580mm, and 10 metre lengths. Special lengths and widths can be supplied on request. Minimum quantities apply.

It is able to be fixed between the floor joists, in two ways:

  • Up against the underside of the floorboards – this method gives maximum quietness by “muffling” any sound or clatters on bare wood, and also ensures the upper surface is warm and comfortable.
  • Fixed flush with the bottom edge of the joists (the usual method) trapping air in the cavity between the floorboards and the Insulfloor™ insulation – this method reduces noise and “hollow” sounds typical to wooden floors, but significantly enhances warmth and comfort on wooden floors.

To provide the blanket with support and stability a foil material (Silversark Foil) is securely attached to the joists and bearers, and joins taped.  This type of membrane is strong  and not easily torn, yet allows the Insulfloor™ to “breath”, avoiding condensation and moisture build-up.

Insulfloor™ is easy to handle and install, is non-toxic, produces no fumes and is non-corrosive. It is also robust and will not fall apart or shed fine fibres.  It fits tightly with no gaps for air loss and is silent – it will not rattle or squeak in wind. It greatly reduces noise and sound on wooden floors.

Insulfloor™ wool unferfloor insulation  is a natural dehumidifier – able to “breathe”- absorb and desorb moisture. It will not retain moisture so mould and mildew will not grow.

“The difference now that our floor is insulated with Insulfloor is unbelievable. We never thought it would make such a difference!”